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Does your website work for your brand or business?

Does it attract the right audience and does it help prospects and clients better understand your brand's products, services and company? Does it rank well and generate business?

"Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works."
Steve Jobs

Just a little FYI... At V&P, our team of specialists take care of everything to do with websites - from domain name registration to website hosting to emails. It's our job to keep abreast of associated changes in today's fast-paced digital world making life easier for you with one point of contact, and with the confidence of personal service when you need it by a team that understands how these elements work. So, in addition to the creativity we bring to the table, having us manage the technical aspects ensures that if the unexpected pops up, you have a fantastic team on-hand to sort!

Now let's get back to websites... A well-designed website must be master crafted with the businesses overarching strategy in mind. Every element of your brand's modern responsive website needs to achieve its clearly defined communicative objectives for business success in. At V&P, we believe websites are designed primarily for people, not search engines. Search engines are tools to serve people, and over a decade of creating websites means we know how to get sites to achieve proper indexing with search engines without compromising user content and visual elements!

Web design is a fluid and ongoing process that requires constant maintenance. If you do not request a content management system at initial build, budgeting for content updates and new content means your website fortifies itself in the online marketspace keeping competitors looking to eat into your market share, at bay!

The marketplace is full of cheap web solutions offering new website builds as a quick fix to those business owners who have little to no knowledge on how it all really works. These web businesses themselves have short term life cycles, they are opportunists, using scare tactics and capitalizing on industry changes to meet their bottom line objectives. The latest being "Responsive Mobile Friendly". Many of these companies won't be around in 5 years leaving your business stuck with a responsive website that has no brand alignment, no dedicated team manager that understands your brand/business, your customers and long term goals and most of all, limited in terms of opportunity scope and the use of digitisation to improve your business efficiency and bottom line. Did you question or sight the back-end code integrity of your new website. Whilst not visible at the front, it is dire for website performance!

WEBSITE DESIGN Rockingham Mandurah Perth WA

At V&P, we are a full service studio and we work collaboratively with our clients to create stunning websites via a proven industry standard process:

  • Identify the communicative objectives/goals of your new responsive brand website!
  • Project scope of website: once step one is complete, we can determine what content pages & features the website requires to achieve goals. We can create a timeline for your responsive website design project.
  • Website sitemap & wireframes: the sitemap outlines the site's architecture, and the wireframes provide a framework for storing the site’s visual design and content elements and can help identify potential challenges and gaps with the sitemap.
  • Your website's content creation with integrated SEO into the site's architecture: with visualisation in place, we can now begin creating content for individual pages on your website with purpose front of mind. Content drives engagement and action!
  • Visual elements design for your website: these elements will tie in with your brands existing identity elements if well defined or may present an opportunity to create stunning, cutting-edge graphics to differentiate your brand from the competition. Visual content is known to increase clicks, engagement, and revenue.
  • Testing: once all pages, content and visual content are in place, we rigorously test your website on a variety of devices before deployment.
  • Launch your site! Once everything's working as envisioned, it's time to plan the execution of your brand's website launch. These should include preparing both launch timing and other cohesive communication strategies — i.e. when to launch and how to let your target audience or prospects know. Post-deployment online there may still be some elements that require attention/ bug fixing.
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Domain name registration & management

Vector & Pixel is an authorised domain reseller - we are able to search for, register and manage domain names for our clients taking the headache out of pointing and administering DNS pointing, propagation and more. Contact us for all your domain name registration and management requirements.

Web hosting services

At Vector & Pixel we provide individualised server solutions for clients. Considerations include server to users distance for speed and efficiency, database and developer language handling capabilities, control panel facilities, security features and more. We tailor the solution so your clients get the best most seamless user experience possible!

User Interface Design (UI)

When we speak about websites, UI design typically refers to the visual elements of a website, the interactivity, the presentation. UI is the design of user interfaces for software and machines such as computers and mobile devices with the focus being on looks and style. At V&P, we create user interface designs that users will find efficient, aesthetically pleasing and easy to use.


It's a well known fact that consumers these days research products and services via a search engine - It's therefore crucial to think about how your relevant website pages will be found by prospects online. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is key to displaying relevant website content to people searching for it via search engines. It's consequently a fundamental part of the web design process. At Vector & Pixel, SEO is assimilated from the inception of the design process ie. from information architecture, content planning to design and development. SEO is constantly evolving to meet with new search engine criteria and, as a result, is a continuous process to ensure that website structure keeps pace with the parameters put in place by various search engines.

Online marketing campaign setup & management

At Vector & Pixel, we can assist with direct marketing campaigns online with major search engines and social media providers to promote your brand, products and services for lead generation.

Website content editing & support

The team at Vector & Pixel provide copywriting services from client supplied content/text to ensure that content has been appropriately written for SEO purposes to ensure that our clients brand always stays front of mind with their intended target audience.

Bootstrap version updates & fixes

The design & development team at Vector & Pixel provide Bootstrap version updates on websites when new versions are released which ensures that websites remain up-to-date and relevant in the ever evolving digital era we live in today. Browsing devices are constantly changing with new devices being released quite often - a new IPhone or Samsung for example may have bigger viewports for instance. Having your website core css and bootstrap files updated every 6 months at the minimum will ensure that your website views properly on web browsing devices released after your websites last update.

Administration portals

Your website is a pivotal online marketing tool externally to the public 24/7 & additionally it can have the functionality of being an administrative brand tool internally - an administration portal can be created with staff logins for internal brand communications and control allowing for increased efficiency and creating a digital culture within ones business to allow for ease of communication with all staff, external contractors that interact with the brand and more!

Social media page graphic design and management

At Vector & Pixel, we are able to professionally tailor and manage Social Media pages for business. From business page profile and cover graphics through to social media post graphics, content writing, hashtags, and more to get your business looking the part, building credibility and keeping you front of mind with your audience. Contact us for more information.

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