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Sign-off / Electronic Approval on your Artwork

All commissioned attached artwork must be proofed carefully by clients. All required edits and corrections must be brought to our attention prior to output and use as we do not accept liability for errors and omissions once artwork has been printed, published and distributed. Client's assume all responsibility for their artwork content upon their approval.

Payment Terms

1. Work will commence only after a deposit is received. Unless otherwise agreed upon, the deposit required is 33% that of the quoted total.

2. The outstanding balance will have to be paid within seven days of receiving final invoice unless a special arrangement is in place.

3. All print based design work is to be paid for in full upon sign off / electronic approval on proof, prior to work going to printers.

4. If the outstanding amounts are not paid in the stipulated time, the client is liable for the legal costs incurred by Vector & Pixel to retrieve outstanding funds.

5. Vector & Pixel reserves the right to remove client files from the web server if the client does not make the agreed payments on time. The client will have to pay another set up fee to reload files onto the server.

Cancellation fee

1. If a client decides to cancel a particular job, then the client has to pay a fee. The value of the fee is calculated by dividing the total quote by the number of hours required for the project and then multiplied by the hours actually completed until cancellation notice.

2. If it is less than the deposit then the difference will be refunded.

Miscalleneous expenses

These are costs not specified in the initial contract that may come up whilst in the process of completing the job. An example may be, a client would want to add an additional page to the website we are developing or it may be an authors alteration. These added expenses will be added to the initially agreed contract amount or outstanding balance. The client will be informed of any miscallaneous expense before it is added to their bill.

Ownership of artwork

1. All original artwork remains the property of Vector & Pixel, unless otherwise agreed upon. We will provide final digital files output from the original working files produced at Vector & Pixel.

2. If the client would like to obtain the original working files then it would be done so at an additional charge. Please request a quote - Vector & Pixel will analyze the applied intellectual knowledge and determine the value of the working file in question.
Please note: a fee will be charged prior to a quote request being carried out for processing of the quote request. A quote will be provided for your requested original working files only upon receipt of payment of the quote request fee.

Ownership of Preliminary Designs

Vector & Pixel retains ownership of all preliminary design work. If the client decides to cancel the job, all preliminary designs in the clients possession will have to be returned to Vector & Pixel.

Liability limitations

1. Vector & Pixel are not to be held liable in any way for consequential, punitive, or speculative damages or lost profits of their clients business. We do not endorse any of our clients products or services and we do not advocate any information on the graphic design we provide for the client as being the absolute truth.

2. The client assumes all responsibility for any publishing they commission us to do.

Events that Affect Delivery

Some events beyond our control may effect the delivery of work on the agreed date. Some of these events include delays by client in signing off on proofs, author’s alterations (other than mistakes of our designers), delays caused by printers or third parties out of the control of Vector & Pixel, and other unforeseen and catastrophic events.

Period for bringing claims

If the client becomes aware of any problem with the services provided, then the customer has to notify us and bring a legal proceeding within 7 days of the contract completion date or the right to complain will be waived after this period.

Suspension of services

1. If we are not paid on time, then we have the right to immediately terminate or suspend performing further services.

2. We at Vector & Pixel also reserve the right to terminate any work from clients that conduct themselves in a rude, vulgar and socially inapt way around any of our team members. The normal cancellation fees will apply to the client.

Unforeseen events

Vector & Pixel also assumes no responsibility for failure to produce work on time due to any act of God or unforeseen events such as power failure, labor strike, earthquake, fire damage, storm damage, accidents and so on, then our inability to perform the work will be excused-at least for a reasonable period of time.

Hyperlink Disclaimer

We do not endorse or approve of the content, products or services of any websites that may link from our website.

Intellectual property

1. Vector & Pixel assumes no responsibility with regards to copyright of information and images supplied by the client. The client is either copyright owner of the material supplied or has got the appropriate permissions to use those materials for their graphic design works.

2. Unless otherwise agreed upon, all web files and preliminary work are the intellectual property of Vector & Pixel. If the client wishes to attain working files, then they will have to pay a seperate fee as determined by Vector & Pixel. Files will only be released post confirmation of payment.

3. Unless otherwise agreed upon, Vector & Pixel reserves the right to utilise any artwork file or final artwork as part of their Portfolio to showcase to existing and prospective clients unless otherwise agreed upon.

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