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Getting the foundation right from the start is critical... like the foundation of anything, if this is strong and done correctly, it paves the way for what's to come without the hassles that can be experienced if this massively important stage is taken lightly and done without much thought. Logos are the visual representation of your business and is something you'd want to be memorable keeping you front of mind with your intended target audience. Strategic thinking, planning, research & exploration into various possibilities are what we do to identify - armed with this knowledge, the V&P creative team is able to create branding solutions that are aesthetically pleasing and, more importantly, memorable and that effortlessly communicates the very essence of your business.

That's not all...

Grabbing your customer's attention simply isn’t enough anymore; you have to keep that attention, keep them interested in your offerings/services/products... why they should choose you and not your competitors. This is where your benefits come into play - what sets you apart from the others. To keep on top of your game, you would be looking to generate brand awareness & to promote your products/services through the various marketing channels especially if you're a business that's operating in a highly competitive market. Devoting resources to this to stay in front of the pack is often an integral part of your business operational costs with the aim being to generate leads & boost sales.


Designers have become fundamental &, these days, crucial more so in a businesses development, growth & sustainability. At V&P, our creatives produce visual processes that help businesses to identify who they are & what makes them different.

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