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In a nutshell, direct mail promotion is a traditional marketing technique that utilises the mail service to deliver printed promotional material to your target audience.

It's not for everyone and is more widely used in some industries more than others. Supermarkets, real estate agencies, pharmacies, take-aways, not-for-profits, etc are more likely to use this form of promotion.

*Data shows that 79% percent of consumers read or scan advertising mail and find direct mail more convenient than going online.

Your printed marketing material can be sent as either unaddressed mail (supermarkets, pharmacies, etc) or as addressed to subscribed individuals (not-for-profits, real estate agencies, etc) to give it that personal touch.

Business Cards, Loyalty Cards & Appointment Cards: These little pieces of paper really pack a punch. Customers can grab a few to share with friends, and you can hand them out at expos, professional meetings and even social events. When you hand someone your business card, you create a mental and visual link. Wallet-friendly loyalty cards are cost-effective incentives that encourage repeat business and build fans. Making your card visually memorable adds to this too.

Posters &Banners: Large-format graphics get attention and allow you to show off products or announce a special offer or promotion. Use oversize format printing to make a full-colour poster for an upcoming event/sale to help attract customers to your store.

• Brochures & Flyers: Even today's digital and mobile everything, these printed marketing materials can still be effective marketing tools. They present your information quickly to remind your customers about your products and services. You can deploy these materials in direct mail marketing campaigns to prospective or current customers.

Postcards: Put your logo on a card to promote events/specials to customers, or as thank-you note to loyal customers. Create picture postcards for customers to take along as mementos or to send to friends.

Promotional Items: Use your logo strategically on promotional items. Choose promotional products that are functional, like phone chargers or thumb drives, so they actually get used where people can see them so they do the marketing for you. Even branding on useful items your staff might use with clients, such as logo pens, can have a big impact.

Promotional Graphic Design

* Partial reference: '7 Print Marketing Ideas to Promote Your Small Business' 2017,


Now that you've got your design solutions in place... a fresh, appealing & on point marketing angle - we move onto promotion of your brand and it's services/products which can be achieved via numerous marketing channels. Here we'll talk about direct mail marketing and a few other promotional items that can well serve you purpose... the what, how and why?

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